Recently the 45th summit of the G7 was held in France last year, in which the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi was also invited, because the G group is a group of developed countries that maintain the economy in a big way in the world. In such a situation, India’s going there is to indicate a good time, through the article we will discuss those points and tell what is the G7 group and what is its function because the way the G7 group is progressing rapidly in the present time. has been and is contributing to the world economy, in such a situation, all the countries are ready to make global and business relations with other countries of the G Seven group, so let us tell you about all these points in turn. .

What is G-7?

The G-7 is a grouping of countries with the world’s seven largest so-called developed and advanced economies, which include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the United States. It is also called Group of Seven. G7 was established in the year 1975, at that time G7 was known as G6 because in those days there was only a group of 6 countries but in the very next year 1976 Canada joined it and it was known as G7. The group of countries with the world’s largest developed and advanced system is called the G7 group, which mainly includes America, Canada, Britain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, not only this group is named Group of Seven. It is also known that all the members involved in this group consider themselves to be community of values i.e. respecting the values. If we talk about its principle, then democracy, freedom, protection of human rights, rule of law, prosperity, sustainable development, are counted among its main principles.

Names of countries included in G7

As you have been told that only those countries have been included in the mind, which are always closed to maintain the economy in the world economically and the principle of doing their community of value is always considered the best. Following we are going to show the list of countries that come in G7.


G7 Group Purpose

Talking about the purpose of the G7 group of countries, it stands to make every effort to maintain the economic system and to increase it, in which the same countries are members, which are counted in the count of developed nations and all others. We support developing countries, whether it is social, economic, cultural, global, business, along with this, climate change environment is always discussed in the meetings held together and many works and campaigns have also been launched for it. The country which belongs to G7 groups adopts the method of friendship with each other and together they work on many other issues in the world like global warming, inflation, air pollution etc. To make people aware at the ground level. operate.

What is the function of G7?

As it should be noted that when the G7 group was formed in 1975, the first meeting that took place at that time raised issues like the global economic crisis and some solutions were also taken for it, if seen, every member of the G7 He presides over the meeting every year and also hosts the summit and the work is done to solve many issues, if we talk about climate change, HIV AIDS, energy policy, global security, economic system, etc. Discussions take place at every summit.

Not only this, the countries participating in the conference include the President of the G7 group as well as the chairman of the Nitin Commission and European Counseling, as well as invite those countries which are economically sustainable to maintain the economy in the world. The main theme of the summit held last year was ‘the fight against inequality’ but every time before the summit there are environmental awareness organizations and organizations against capitalism, protesting this conference and demonstrating whose For this, considerable security is beefed up around the conference venue.

Is G-7 effective?

The more G7 considers itself to be powerful, the more its opposition is also seen, sometimes it is criticized and many organizations do not consider it effective, but the G7 group’s always right Yadav is coming that he has malaria. Launched and found success in the Global Fund to Fight Diseases like AIDS TV, along with this group also claimed that since the year 2002, it has also saved about 28 million lives globally and by the year 2016. This group has stated its hand behind the implementation of the Paris climate agreement in 2015, but at the same time the US also claimed that it has withdrawn from this agreement.



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