Karnataka is a progressive state, hence it is the duty of state employees to make sure that all members of society may use government services. State government,” CM Bommai noted. Employees should be trustworthy and sincere enough to do their work on schedule. ” He compared those in charge of the elected government and the bureaucracy to two wheels of a progress chariot that need to go forward together for the State. The Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme has been authorised by the state cabinet (KASS). According to this idea, the government will provide state government employees and the members of their families with cashless medical care. This initiative aims to provide workers and their families with the essential assistance throughout this crucial period of the pandemic.

What is Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme 2022

The Arogya Sanjeevini cashless healthcare scheme for State Government employees would soon be adopted, according to Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. BS The 7th Salary Commission was formed to alter the compensation of State government employees, according to Yediyurappa, a significant legislator and former chief minister of Karnataka. According to the chief minister, Karnataka would reinstate the 7th Pay Commission this year and do away with pay disparities among state government employees. The Karnataka Arogya Sanjivani Scheme’s main objective is to support public servants and their families in leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through this initiative, the state government will provide the essential assistance to workers and their families at this crucial stage of the COVID-19 outbreak. To assist employees, the Karnataka Arogya Sanjivani Yojana is being created.

Significant Points of Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme 2022

Name of SchemeKarnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme 2022
Launched ByState Cabinet Committee
PurposeThe state government will provide assistance to its staff members.
Perks of SchemeMedical care is provided without charge to state government employees and their dependent family members.
Criteria for selectionThe applicant must be a Karnataka government worker.
Major BeneficiariesKarnataka Government Personnel

Purpose of Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme 2022

The major objectives of the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme are as follows:

  • Under this proposal, the state government will provide assistance to state government employees.
  • The Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme will cover all government employees and their dependents.
  • Medical care for state personnel and their families will be provided without payment.
  • The most open and transparent process is required for the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme’s implementation.
  • The state government will take action to guarantee that the plan offers the greatest number of advantages to participants.
  • The Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme would assist the state in keeping a balanced way of life.
  • Since state government employees have continuously served as frontline COVID-19 responders throughout crucial times, their health is a serious concern.
  • The state administration cherishes each person’s health in light of the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic.

Benefits of Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme 2022

  • The state cabinet approved the launch of the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme on July 22, 2021. (KASS).
  • Earlier this year, the state budget included the KASS Scheme.
  • The scheme’s specifics were provided by Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs Basavaraj Bommai.
  • The Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme provides coverage to all employees of state governments.
  • The state government’s employees and their families would be entitled to free or cashless medical care.
  • This method will greatly benefit employees in these pandemic conditions.
  • The full expense of therapy will be covered by the state government.
  • The Karnataka Arogya Sanjivani Scheme seeks to improve the health of government workers who have been on the job nonstop throughout the epidemic.
  • It typically applies to all state of Karnataka employees and their families.
  • This programme will help employees deal with challenging circumstances while enabling them to maintain a sense of balance in their lives and health.
  • The Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme is anticipated to cost around Rs. 250 crores every year.

Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme 2022

The applicant must meet the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme benefits:

  • The candidate must be a Karnataka resident in good standing.
  • This programme is primarily for Karnataka State Government employees.

Application Process for Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevini Scheme 2022

Karnataka’s Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai, has said that the Arogya Sanjeevini cashless healthcare programme for public employees will soon be unveiled. The official website and information on how to register for the plan are not yet public knowledge. Therefore, we will let you know through our article once the government releases any details regarding the plan. You must hold off till the formal announcement until then.

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