photo of two cheetahs

Thw first batch of cheetahs , translocated from NAMIBIA to INDIA has been released into the KUNO NATIONAL PARK in MADHYA PRADESH. The journey to reintroduce cheetahs in INDIA after 75 years is accomplished by PM NARENDRA MODI on his 72nd birthday, 17 september 2022. Eight cheetahs were released (5 female and 3 male) at kuno national park. TGIS BECAME A HISTORIC DAY FOR INDIA

photo of two cheetahs

We all are aware that cheetah is the most fastest land animal. It runs at a speed of 100-120 per hour.

On the occasion of his 72nd birthday he address to the nation , Prime Minister NARENDRA MODI says project cheetah was India’s ‘endeavour towards eenvironment and wildlife conservation.’ As we know cheetahs became extinct in INDIA in 1952 but no meaaningfull effort was made to rehabiliate them for seven decades. he added .

Congractulating all the indians after releasing the cheetahs Prime minister NARENDRA MODI said Today the cheetah have come back to our land after decades. On this historic day i want to congractulate all the indians and also thanful to the government of Namibia.

Decades ago the age-old link of biodiversity was broken and had become extinct . TODAY WE HAVE A CHANCE TO RECONNECT IT.

PM Modi also said cheetahs are our guests we should show some patience to see the namibian cheetahs in the KUNO NATIONAL PARK , we should give them some time say few month to make kuno national park teir home, he added.

SPECIAL CARGO PLANE carrying eight cheetahs from namibia landed at the gwalior airport at around 7:50 a.m. Initially the special cargo plane was about to land in jaipur but the plan was at the last moment.

cheetahs brought from NAMIBIA are being introduced in INDIA under project cheetah, which is world’s first inter-continental large wide carnivore translocation project. Heavy security arrangements have been made in KUNO NATIONAL PARK which has been made for poaching activities.

RADIO COLLAR has been installed in all the cheetahs and will be monitored through satellite. and also there will be dedicated monitoring team behind each cheetah who will keep monitoring location for 24 hours. BHUPENDRA YADAV said


According to the union minister for forest and climate change Bhupendra Yadav said more cheetahs are about to come in the upcoming future , they will eventually be broyght to the national park in a phased manner in future. Once the eight cheetah settle in the cheetah reintroduction project will be working towards more 25 cheetahs from NAMIBIA.



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