As you know, the largest financial commercial bank of India is the State Bank of India, headquartered in Mumbai. Presently SBI has about 23000 branches present in India and about 62000 ATMs. Not only this, it is also known as a world class bank. At present, it has 229 branches in about 31 countries of the world. Simultaneously, SBI Bank always brings various types of facilities for its consumers. How many times it happens that due to time, the costumer is unable to check his balance by visiting the branches of the bank, so in the context of that, today we are going to make you know about SBI Bank through this article. How to check balance?We Will provide detailed information to our readers about what is SBI Quick-Missed Call Service?

As you know that in today’s time every person works to save his time, he wants to use his time properly, but when he has to know his bank details or has to see other information, then One has to visit the bank, due to which a lot of his time is wasted, in view of all these problems, SBI Quick Miss Call Service was launched by the State Bank of India so that all these problems can be solved.

With the help of which the consumer of SBI Bank can easily see all the information of his bank details sitting at home and his time can also be saved.

What is SBI Quick-Missed Call Service and its Uses:

SBI Quick Missed Call Service is such a scheme through which all the information about their bank details can be provided to their customers on their phone by giving a missed call on the given number 09223766666 of State Bank of India. Through which they can easily see their bank balance and other information sitting at home.

To take advantage of the scheme, first of all, you have to register your mobile number on SBI Quick Miss Call Service, for which you are being told the following.

First of all you have to register on SBI Quick-Missed Call Service by typing REG A/c Number on your mobile and SMS it to 09223488888 number.

After which your registration will be completed. You will have to make a missed call on 09223766666 to get information about your bank details, bank balance etc.

After which all the details of your bank account will come on your mobile through SMS.

SBI Bank details/balance information through SMS

State Bank of India (SBI) has launched a number to know their bank account details and balance through SMS, through which SBI customers can easily see all the information related to their bank a/c on their mobile phone which is mentioned below ni

First of all, you have to go to the SMS box in your mobile, you will have to type BAL from your registered mobile number and send it to 09223766666.

After a while you will receive a SMS in which your SBI BANK A/C balance will be shown.

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