From the farthest reaches of intergalactic Space to the mistiest origins of geological time, the universe is inhabited by unsolved mysteries- non greater, though, than the mysteries of the human mind, and its eternal striving to make sense of and it’s environment. In this present time we have looked at just a few of the mysterious place on this one tiny planet- but even those few can provide more riddles than the human lifespan can hope to answer.

There are ancient rings of massive stones whose purpose are is still a matter of conjecture. There are intriguing hills and pointers to lost lands considered by oceans deserts or impenetrable tropical rainforest who live there millennia ago? and what destroyed them?

  • They are curious magnetic hills where gravity seems to work backward.
  • Gigantic figures of men and horses are carved into ancient hillsides.

And many strange and unusual places and each has its own characteristics it is only the mystery that unites them to search for a mysterious place can be like a pilgrimage and eco or a reflection of the great pilgrimage of life itself.

Mysterious Monuments

People have always wanted to create things. They made fire, built crude tools, and wrote on cave wall. Then people begin to think bigger. They made Monuments. Statues are monuments that made to honour someone. Early monuments paid respect to gods or rulers. Other statues where made to honour the dead. New technology helped people to build great stone structures and now this amazing places are proof of ancient human creativity.

Technology Through the Ages

Technology is anything that humans used to solve problems on make work easier. People first used technology when they turned sticks and stones into simple tools. Making fire was an advanced in technology. So was the invention of the wheels. This were major technological discoveries in prehistoric Times.

Scared Stones

A circle of you stones rise from the Plains of England. This ancient monument is called Stonehenge. It has puzzled people for centuries. Scientists know it was built around 5,000 years ago. But everything else is a mystery. How did the builders move the huge stones? Some weight more than 25 tons. And they came from 150 miles away! How did they stake them? And why did the work so hard to build this monument?

Some people think Stonehenge was a calendar. Many points match up with astrological events. Others say this was a burial place. Archaeologists have found human bones at the site.

Egypt Pyramids

Between 3,000 BC and 300 BC Egypt was a vibrant place. Thousands of people lived along the Nile river. Their culture was rich and full of mysteries.

Today millions of people visit Egypt every year. Many go to see the great Pyramid of Giza. It was built around 2500 years ago. It was a royal tomb for Pharaoh Khufu. Several small pyramid lie around it.

But how was the plasmid built it? It is 40 stories high and it is made from more than 2 million stones. The biggest stone weight as much as 2.5 tons but they didn’t have modern machine so how did ancient egyptians build the pyramid?

A Big Job

It is believed that between 20,000 and 30,000 workers built the pyramids. The work took 20 years. The workers lived in villages near by. The villages had bakers, butchers, brewers and doctors.

Stone Guards

Easter Island lie in the South Pacific. It is thousands of miles from any other dry land. The first explorer in 1722 was shocked when he arrived. Hundreds of giant stone faces were staring at him from the shore.

The island holds 900 statues they are known as Moai (MOH-eye). The average moai is 13 feet tall and weight about 13 tons. Some historians say the statue was built to honour the chieftains Who once lived their. Other says they were religious symbols. Then the question arises that who built the statues? why did they place them so they stare at the sea?

The Lost City

Machu Picchu sits in the misty mountains of Peru. This is the lost city of the Incas. It was forgotten for centuries. In 1922, explorers reach the city’s palace. They found temples. Inside one temple was the royal tomb. Explorers found pottery and the remains of gardens and homes too. The citie’s walls, terraces, and ramps seem to have been carved into the mountain.

Machu Picchu was built by the Incan people around 1450 years ago. Then they left it 100 years later. Today, Machu Picchu is the top spot for tourist but why was the city built? And why did the people leave?

City Beneath the Sea

Imagine a perfect Island. Residents are great architects. Their palace are a works of art. So are there temples and bridges. Five rings of water around the island.

A philosopher named Plato wrote about such a place 2500 years ago it was called Atlantis. Atlantis was gone. Many believe it sank into the sea. It happened “in a single day and night” he wrote. Many people search it . Many people believe they found it but they were wrong.

Was Atlantis a real place? Or it was just a legend?

Strange Disappearance

In 1945, five US Navy bombers took off from Florida. They were flying over the Atlantic Ocean. None of them were ever seen again. Since then, dozens of ships and planes have vanished there. This place is known as the Bermuda Triangle. It has given rise to tall tales. Somewhere stories about sea monsters and giant squids. Some even describe alien abduction.

People have suggested many logical reasons for the accidents in the Bermuda Triangle. Some blame rough weather. Some blame odd currents.

Another Mysterious Triangle

Off the coast of Japan, many planes and ships have disappeared in the Formosa Triangle. Fisherman call it the Devil’s Sea. Compasses behave strangely there, just as they do in Bermuda Triangle. Sailors as far back as Christopher Columbus noted something strange about Bermuda Triangle region. Columbus wrote in his ship’s log about unusual compass bearing there.


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