woman wearing blue shawl lapel suit jacket
woman wearing blue shawl lapel suit jacket

I know you believe that confidence makes you more attractive, that is the reason you are here. am i right ? Well if you have visited here then make sure to read further.

Who don’t want success in life ? Who don’t want to be rich ? Who don’t want to be happy ? We all want it right ? But do we ever think that what it takes ? It is okay if you haven’t decided yet , in which field you have to go . Many of us are not sure about our decisions , our career , our success and it’s is very much okay .

Let’s make it little bit easy , don’t miss any opportunities around you because you never know which opportunity can be your turning point .

There are only two things you have to make it very clear :

Do what you Love .

Love what you do.

As long you don’t love yourself as long you don’t accept yourself for who you are , As long you don’t love your work , HOW CAN YOU EXPECT A POSITIVE RESPONSE FOR EFFORTS YOU ARE PUTTING ?

In this blog we will learn about two most important C’s of Life .


I find i’m the most confident with the things i’m most consistent. Consistency makes you expert and when you are expert at something, your confidence automatically boosts up. Isn’t it ?

Consistency has the power to make you feel unstoppable.

Consistency is the most important thing one should follow to achieve his goal , his dreams , his desires and anything. Doing anything for first time will make you feel good , but doing it consistently will make you expert .

We all have listen more than once in our life that CONFIDENCE AND CONSISTENCY both are the key to achieve success , and of – course this is the truth. But some how we lose our interest or we don’t give our 100 % , so success becomes hard to achieve.

No body can defeat the person who is confident and consistent with his work. Hence, Try to be consistent with the things you are good at .

Now don’t say , I am good at sleeping . sorry to say but it will only make you a loser.

Here i am talking about your hobbies , your passion , which makes you feel happy inside. Which brings you Inner peace.

Even finding one thing to be consistent with will have a profound effect on your life.

The most important thing to note , is that all of my consistency derives from one thing doing work out .once i developed the habit of work out consistently, i began to understand i can be consistent doing anything.

Doing work out every morning is a constant reminder and direct example of how consistently showing up is integral to my own growth. Even finding one thing to be consistent with will have a profound effect on your life.

Does Confidence make you more attractive ?

portrait photo of smiling man with his arms crossed standing in front of white wall

Researchers have consistently found a correlation between confidence and success.

Confident people are always look more attractive people than the people who are under confident. Confident people are better at sales , managing and do well in front of the room.

What are the signs of confidence ?

8 signs of a truly confident person :

  • They are not easily offended just because they know their worth .
  • They speak with Authority.
  • They appreciate and celebrate others.
  • They are Decisive.
  • They take Initiatives.
  • They accept them as they are.
  • They do more of the things they are good at.
  • They don’t compete them with others.

They are not easily offended just because they know their worth.

People who are confident do not get offend by what people around them are doing or saying about them. They just know who they are.

They speak with Authority.

Authority comes with knowledge and experience. If you have a knowledge and experience . Knowledge is one of the foundation of confidence .

When you have tons of knowledge about the particular field , you would not have any doubts in your mind and that is what makes you more confident and more attractive.

They appreciate and celebrate others.

The people who are confident they never miss appreciating anyone for their good deeds. They are not insecure for their things . Appreciating someone doesn’t take anything but it can make someone’s day. It can develop confidence in that person.

They are Decisive.

Confidence helps in many ways , it plays a very important role in achieving one’s goal. They do not overthink , they make decisions and do not for perfect time , they just start implementing the plan .

Because there is no failure , either you win or you learn .

They take Initiatives.

Confident people don’t wait for perfect time , they make their time perfect. They take initiatives , they don’t miss opportunities around them. So when are you going to take initiatives ??

They Accept them for Who they are .

They don’t compete themselves from others . They accept themselves for who they are .

They do more of the things they are good at .

They keep doing the things they are good at . That makes them more expert .

They don’t compete them from others .

You must have listen words like BE YOU, BE YOURSELF , YOU ARE UNIQUE have you ? if not then let me make you very clear that Competing yourself with others is only a loss of time and energy, the moment you decide to be you no body can put youn down until and unless others are getting affected or hurted by you.. The moment you compete with others is a moment which destroys your peace and puts you into stress.



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